Mint distillate glass bottle 490 g

Mint distillate glass bottle 490 g


In Iran, distillation has always been one of the most common ways of processing medicinal herbs.

Somayeh Co. offers some distilled products as well, using the latest technologies and high-quality ingredients.


Features of Somayeh distillates:



Made from high-quality ingredients


List of different Somayeh distillates:

Rosewater Pet bottle 900 g

Rosewater glass bottle 490 g 

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Mint distillate Pet bottle 900 g

Mint distillate glass bottle 490 g

Mint distillate glass bottle 240 g

Pussy willow distillate Pet bottle 900 g

Pussy willow distillate glass bottle 490 g

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Fumitory distillate glass bottle 490 g

Fumitory distillate glass bottle 240 g

Chicory distillate Pet bottle 900 g

Chicory distillate glass bottle 490 g

Chicory distillate glass bottle 240 g


It’s good to know:

Mint is an aromatic herb with anti-bloating and pain and muscle cramps relief properties. Is it also used very much as a breath freshener.

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