Our code of ethics

Somayeh Food Co. code of ethics:

  • Performing personal and corporate communications with respect and according to ethical principles.
  • Attempting to follow quality and safety standards to protect the community health and make health-focused products.
  • Acting responsibly toward a sustainable future, preserving the environment, preventing pollution, and improving the society.

Effectively managing the costs and financial resources to improve the investment returns for the satisfaction of investors.

  • Attempting to improve teamwork spirit and intimacy between coworkers.
  •  Welcoming creativity and innovation in activities and encouraging people to present their new ideas which could replace old methods, and further pave the way for development and innovation between colleagues.
  • With an inspirational, prospective leadership, we attempt to maintain our human resources through improving the knowledge, motivation, and satisfaction of the staff to further improve our quality.


Mission statement:

Somayeh Food Co. started its operations in 1981 by producing lime juice and Kashk. Over time, the company’s products line expanded and in 2017 a new brand of drinks made of plant seed  named “Matina” was introduced.

Now we plan to expand our technical knowledge in the three product groups, namely “kashk and lime juice”, “drinks and distillates”, and “pickles, jams, canned food, etc.” by restructuring our brands and products, then to renovate and stabilize our products, and finally, simultaneously develop our different food groups.

To ensure the quality and health of our products we shortened the distance between us and the farmers and livestock farms, obtaining high-quality resources according to strict health principles and making them into the final product through specifically engineered processes.

Apart from our commitment to healthy and high-quality resources and products, we believe that Somayeh Food Co. products must have a unique taste, so we utilized the help of experts in the field to design and produce such products via scientific procedures.

In 2018 we decided to fundamentally extend scientific management to all departments of the company based on two principles: scientifically updating all work processes, and scientific decision-making based on the information and strategic management. We believe that these principles along with valuable assets such as Somayeh’s popularity and power in the market and expert, cooperative, and open manpower; can guarantee our survival and growth in the industry.

The administration of a strategic management system requires capable and motivated human resources. Therefore, we plan to utilize a human resources evaluation system to improve the recruitment process, empower and maintain our human resources, and move towards the company’s goals by encouraging collaborative behavior.

We believe good products must properly reach the customers; which is why we established AysanTaknamPooya distribution company in 2008 to connect with our customers in local or international markets with the help of marketing and sales experts.