Kashk cup 460 g

Kashk cup 460 g

Somayeh Kashk

Somayeh Kashk is made from traditional Iranian kashk which undergoes a homogenization and pasteurization process to achieve its unique taste

Somayeh Co. offers this product in a variety of packages such as glass jars, Asan packs, sachets, and buckets to fulfill the different needs of all its customers.

Characteristics of glass-jar Somayeh Kashk:

Unique and delicious taste

Traditional pasteurized kashk

Compliant with the latest quality standards


Different Somayeh Kashk packages:

Kashk in Asan pack 200 g

Kashk in glass jar 230 g

Kashk in Asan pack 450 g

Kashk in glass jar 650 g

Kashk cup 250 g

Kashk in glass jar 470 g

Kashk sachet 25 g

flavored Kashk in glass jar 230 g

Kashk bucket 9 kg

 Kashk cup 460 g



It’s good to know:

Kashk is a dairy product with four times the protein of milk and a rich source of calcium and minerals. It also fortifies the immune systems and helps prevent Osteoporosis and cancer.

It is best to eat pasteurized kashk with the necessary quality and health standards instead of traditional kashk that is sold in bulk.

Nutritional facts of 100 g of Kashk:

gTrans fatty acids